Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter Eggs?


I know that this is terribly last-minute, but who wants to get together and decorate Ukrainian-style Easter Eggs next weekend? How does Saturday, April 3rd, sound? We'll do this at 1pm at the Berkeley Rep Scenic Studios at 2526 Wood Street, in West Oakland. Bring your own eggs.

Here's a tutorial I wrote on how to decorating your eggs.

And here's something about "blowing out" eggs.

And here are some silly photos from last year.

This is a fun event. It's a bit messy, and we usually set something on fire. We have a few beers, and the kids race around. I hope you can join us!


Di said...

Lisa, I love the idea and would like to participate, but I'm afraid I'll simply have to enjoy it from up north via your photos. Happy Spring! and have a wonderful weekend. Diana

Anonymous said...

I want to see a photo of you guys painting an egg with one of those long sticks you use for painting a set!

By the way, are the words I type into for content moderation actual words?


AmyMarieR said...

Sounds like more fun than doing it alone...which I am today. My first time at home after taking one class. It is rather frustrating and SLOW. If I were in your area, I'd certainly join you. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I learned how to paint Ukrainian Easter Eggs when I was in 6th grade (1974?), and LOVED it -- but have never had a chance to try it since.

Signed the kids up for such a class at the local educational supplies store a few years ago, but it was Ukrainian in name only. A completely different process and VERY quick and easy. Actually, I think they just PAINTED the eggs -- and fake eggs, at that.

Eastern Oakland (even if that's in the San Francisco Bay area, as I think it might be) is much too far away from southern California for us to get to join you... so we'll have to enjoy it vicariously.

Have a wonderful time, and a Happy Resurrection Day!


. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

I actually don't know what words y'all have to type. I suspect that they're nonsense words that can be "sounded out" so that they can be remembered long enough to type.


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