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Cardigan and Sleeves

When we bought our little house ten years ago, the back garden was an astonishing weed patch. The yard was choked with vines, and it was almost impossible to get from one side to the other.  The elderly lady from whom we bought the place did not have the energy to tend her tiny garden, and so it became an overgrown wilderness and a haven for wild creatures. The two most charismatic denizens of our yard were two shy feral cats who never left each other’s side. They would flee if we tried to approach them. They wanted nothing to do with us. I told Robb that I was determined to befriend them, and he acted like I was delusional. Quiet patience, tenacity, and a whole lot of food did the trick. It took several long years to earn the trust of these two feral brothers who we called Cardigan and Sleeves. I’ll never forget the first time Cardigan reached out to touch me with his paw. I didn’t dare breathe, for fear of startling him. At first, we left