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Back To Blogging And Beekeeping

After a long hiatus, I've decided to recommence blogging.  And what better subject than a look into my two beehives? One of the two colonies that I'd gotten last year from Lori made it over the winter, but the other flew off in the early spring, leaving developing brood to starve to death.   A few weeks ago, I was able to collect a swarm from a nearby backyard.  So I was back in full-swing! When weather and work-schedule aligned, I invited Lauren over for a tour through the hives. Lauren's grandfather had kept bees, and she wanted a chance to see how I managed my colonies. It wasn't a pretty sight.  The bees had been building their comb diagonally across the frames in the hive.  Removing frames for inspection resulted in a lot of damage. (For readers unfamiliar with beekeeping, the hive is a lot like a file cabinet, and the frames are analogous to hanging file folders.  If the interior of the hive gets jumbled, removing fram