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Making New Old Clothes, Very, Very Slowly

... Back in 2016, I started knitting a cardigan from a 1950s pattern.  Most normal people buy clothes.  But apparently, that's too easy for me.  I need to make everything more difficult. It wasn't complicated enough to knit a garment. No, I had to make things even harder for myself. I bought a sheep's fleece, washed it, combed it, and spun it into yarn.  This sounds pretty straightforward, but the process of turning a dirty sheep's haircut into yarn took me months. I split the sheep's wool into the lighter and darker bits and spun them as discreet batches. The yarn reminded me of tarnished silver, which I find really beautiful.  It's a good thing I like unpolished silver, because our housemaids are always busy with other tasks and tend to shirk their polishing duties.  Come to think of it, I'm not sure where the maids are at the moment. They're certainly not washing our dishes ... I find every step of spinning y