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Knitting New Vintage Garments

Since I haven't written anything on my poor blog for months and months, I've got a bit of a backlog. So prepare yourself for a long essay on the process of knitting a cardigan using vintage yarn and a vintage pattern. Some time back, I bought a number of skeins of this beautiful vintage wool.  There were two shades of pale blue, and a lovely buttery yellow.  I had no idea what I was going to make with this yarn.  I just knew that it spoke to me. Thankfully, there are many wonderful people who have cataloged vintage patterns online, to share with weirdos like me. I went hunting for a garment that would suit my aesthetic, would be appropriate for the style of yarn I had, and most importantly would not require more yarn than I had purchased.   I found this adorable pattern from the February 1947 issue of Stitchcraft magazine.  It's described as "Rainbow Stripes -- for a charming evening jumper."  The gauge of yarn seemed perfect, and I knew that stripes were a great