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Help Us Help People With Disabilities

It’s hard to believe, but Robb and I are doing our *twelfth* fundraising ride for the Bay Area Recreation Program ( BORP) . BORP is a Berkeley-based nonprofit with a mission to improve the lives of people with physical disabilities through sports, fitness and recreational programs.  BORP’s programs help people with disabilities gain skills and confidence that lead to success in school, work and life. In the years that we’ve been connected to BORP, we’ve seen frail disabled kids blossom and become strong resilient teenagers. And much of their success can be attributed to the intense mentoring provided by the BORP family. It’s always lovely seeing young people grow and mature, but these folks are really special. These kids have a supportive network, which is hugely important for people with disabilities. They're playing hard, and they’re thriving. A few highlights of the past year for kids in BORP’s youth programs were playing an opening game for th

Full Tweed Ahead

... Over the last year, Robb and I have been participating in Tweed (and Seersucker) Rides.  This has been such a delightful addition to our lives.  It combines so many of the things we love into one  activity.  Really, where else can one share one's love of cycling and vintage bikes, knitting and sewing from vintage patterns, vintage clothes, vintage cooking and cocktail with delightful like-minded people? This was our first ride, through the streets and parks of San Francisco.  I made a pair of knickerbockers for the ride, and did some advanced-level reweaving on the moth-holes in Robb's antique plus-fours.  I designed, dyed and knit my cardigan.  You can read about that project here and  here and   here . Robb really looks like he just wandered off the moors, doesn't he?  Our picnic gear looks pretty cute as well. After a somewhat hair-raising ride on San Francisco streets, we ended up at a lovely cafe.  I was unreasonably de