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Emergency Chicken Pedicure

... I was drinking coffee this morning, when Robb came in and told that he needed my help with one of our hens. Anne Elliott was covered with blood.  There was blood on her foot, blood on her head, and blood all over our pavement.  We grabbed her and brought her in to our bathroom. Her middle left claw was broken, and still dripping blood. I washed her off, and inspected her head. I clipped off the dangling bit of toenail. I didn't want it to catch on anything else.   Her head seemed fine, and we concluded that she probably bloodied herself by scratching with her injured foot. (It really did look awful.  "Covered in gore" would not be an inaccurate description.) We don't have anything that will serve as a chicken bandage (poultry poultice?) so we're just going to monitor her foot. I'm a bit concerned, because the back yard is pretty muddy, and our hens like nothing better than scratching in the dirt.  If any ch