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Chick Pics!

... Oh hello blog!  I've neglected you terribly. But there's nothing like a fresh start.  In fact, the only thing better than a fresh start is a fresh start with fluffy baby chicks. On Friday, I picked up the two baby chicks that Robb had ordered from BioFuel Oasis in Berkeley.  They were hatched at Belt Hatchery in Fresno on Wednesday.  Is anything cuter than three-day-old chicks?   Robb and I ordered sex linked chicks, which are a hybrid two differently colored breeds of chickens. Because roosters carry two genes for coloration, while hens only carry one, this crossing produces chicks who have markedly different colors depending on their gender.   Hopefully, this will mean that we didn't bring home any accidental roosters. I picked the sassiest pair of chicks in the store, because I hoped that they'd be the healthiest and smartest.   Chickens are not known for their intelligence, but we've got one particularly dim-witted hen in our adult flock.  Our most foolis