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Re-Visiting Abandoned Projects

For a variety of reasons, which I may discuss later, this blog has been languishing. I’ve arrived at a place where I’m ready to pick it back up, again.  And to start this off, I'm going to take a look at some other projects that deserve to be re-visited. Inspired by my excellent friend Emma, who blogs at What Would Jane Sew , I’m going to post photos of my many, many unfinished projects, as a way of getting things back on track. I’m going to split these into categories, to keep from getting overwhelmed.  I'm also going to write about knitting at another time, to keep this from getting overwhelming. Quilts A lap-sized quilt, that I believe is entirely quilted.  I think I just need to deal with the binding, and give it a good washing. Another lap-sized quilt.  I need to examine my quilting on this one.  I am not actually sure I like the pattern I sewed.  I either have to sew a lot more, or pick out some of my stitching and call it done.  After that, I need