Sunday, April 05, 2009



Thank you everyone who attended our Egg-Stravaganza! I think we had almost forty people decorating eggs. Anyone who missed it will have to keep their eyes open for our next large-scale craft party. (We have no idea when or what that will be.)

The food was yummy, the mix of people congenial, and any of the things that were set on fire seem hardly worth mentioning. I think this was our best egg party yet. Everyone grasped the difficult concept of wax resist dyeing and made lovely eggs. The fact that we had a good number of people who were able to teach definitely added to the fun.

Thanks to Nick, Star, Jen and Paul!

My co-workers were really great about helping me clean the studio for the party. Sure, the studio needed a huge mucking-out, so a party was the perfect catalyst.

It was lovely to re-connect with long-lost friends.

Star and Nick were extremely gracious about being conscripted as teachers. I am always charmed by the different teaching styles. Each of our three teaching couples have their own approach to this traditional art form, and it is so fun to see how they share their knowledge.

(Does it surprise anyone that the Robb and Lisa team are the most embrace-chaos-anything-goes teachers of the bunch?)

John and his family stopped by after hanging his upcoming photography show. It was really sweet to see how well everyone's kids hit it off. Of course, our friends have exemplary children.

When Katie was running around with a whoopie cushion, there was no doubt that she is her father's daughter.

We had one of those Crazy Small World moments, when Star (who is in my knitting group) and Taylor (who I worked with at Glimmerglass Opera) realized that they had worked together at the North Shore Music Theater.

How about those zebra and leopard skin eggs?

Ashley, who doesn't even eat eggs made a glorious egg, as always.

Lynne learned a disgusting lesson about checking to see if one's eggs are fertile before attempting to blow them out.

My sister sent us two dozen green eggs from her flock of Brooklyn chickens. Apparently, my "no scrubbing" rule does not apply to home grown eggs from well-fed chickens. Those eggshells were pretty much bullet-proof.

Once again it was great to see the cross-pollination of our crazy groups of friends. There were letterboxers and quilting artists.

Theater folk and fine artists.

Fiber artists and epic goofballs.


Anonymous said...

A great time was had by all! Many thanks to Lisa and Robb!

letterboxer Yosemite MJD

gollygee said...

These are just gorgeous!!! Maybe I'll try to give it a shot next weekend if I have time! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on such a large turnout! But I thought I would see at least ONE person painting their eggs with those long sticks you guys use at work, or at least a paint roller!

Would that be overkill, or rather, "overpaint"?


JAM said...

Thank you comrade Lisa for teach us egg decoration from the most glorious egg decoration country in the world. Much wax flowed, many eggs died and a great number of cookies were consumed.

Syndee said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting the pics up on your site. It's my second year checking on yours and Robb's progress and I look forward to this time of year and getting to see the gorgeous egg creations. It's amazing how differently each eggartist creates their design. Thanks again!

TaylorM said...

Thanks, it was such a good time. I wish I could have stayed for 18 more hours!! Hi Star!


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