Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Opening Night


Eleven hour work days, involving hours and hours of squatting and standing (and squatting and standing, and squatting and standing) results in sore, exhausted painters. (And hopefully some nice scenery.)

This photo is actually from a long time ago. I don't have any interesting pictures of the current project, which opens tonight.



Gina said...

Happy Opening! I'm certain the work is gorgeous, as usual! Can't wait to see photos (after you are all rested and recovered and stretched out again, of course).

What's the show?


Anonymous said...

Squatting and standing... sounds like putting in a garden!

Hope everything goes well and the project works out fabulously!

Gary put in a wooden post and rail fence and all the mama robins and their baby robins to sit on it while they are learning how to fly. We play "dodge the baby birdie" when we go outside. Also found a nice sized frog outside as well. We hear them sing to us at night.

You guys should have a Birdhouse Making Day with all the scrap wood you guys end up with after a show.


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful opening night! Will be thinking of you in spirit!

Wendy In The Eastbay


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