Tuesday, August 29, 2006

you just never know

Robb and I were both so certain that he was going to be totally wiped out from our wonderful day of letterboxing. This isn't anything that we had articulated, because that's just too negative and grim. But we have both observed that he usually has to pay dearly for a day of real fun. We go sailing, and then for the next three days, his muscles are locked up in gigantic painful knots.

However, we were pleasantly surprised. Robb had a lot of energy on Monday, and when I got back from work, I got to enjoy the de-cluuttered apartment that had been Robb's afternoon project.

And speaking of projects, for some reason that I cannot name, I have been totally incapable of creating much of anything since Robb's accident. I suspect this has to do with the "living on pins and needles" existance that we have been engaged in. Everyone says that knitting, for example, is relaxing. But I find that I need to have a certain level of calm to even approach a knitting or sewing or drawing endeavor.

This has to end.

I need to get on with living my life, and not just sitting perched nervously on the edge of my seat. Robb doesn't need to be watched like a hawk. He actually isn't going to shatter into a million fragile pieces. I need to uncoil the springs inside of me, and start breathing more deeply.

To this end, we spent a quiet night listening to a book on tape that James gave us. I actually dragged out my long-neglected quilting project, and happily stitched away.

The other thing we don't know...

Is who is reading the blog these days. So, we would like to challenge EVERYONE who reads this post to leave a message.

It actually is quite easy. Just click on the word "comments" at the bottom of this entry. If you don't have a blogger account, just sign in as anonymous (but please sign your name on the message). Robb and I both really enjoy your comments.


Lock Wench said...

I may not comment each day, but I read EVERY ONE of these posts, if only to check up on both of you. Somedays I am not feeling particularly clever but I know it's nice just to get a comment or some mail so that you know we're out there. And we are! :)

I hope you had a lovely day at your Bay Shindig and you got lots of accolades for your clever boxes and wonderfully carved stamps. I agree that art is your saving grace and you both need to be involved in it in some way. It's the essence of both of you. So go forth and make stuff!

Smooches -


Anonymous said...

Lisa, Your creativity shine through your words, your photos, and the imaginative ways you and Robb approach your daily lives. Keep meeting head on those challenges!

Grumpy Grinch

ZeitgeistMama said...

yup, we read! and we need to get together now that we're back in town!!

Anonymous said...

Robb seems to be improving since the new wheelchair. Bless you both. Robb for doing what he can to help around the house and you for all you do for him. We are sure Robb would want you relax as well; in fact we are sure he would insist upon it.

With his improved abilities you can and deserve to unwind. Enjoy your life with your love. My wife and I do and we are best friends first and lovers always. After 3 great grandchildren we can still say this and feel this way.

Frank and Kate your,

Music Woman said...

I don't know you, (but hope to meet you guys one day!) but I read every post. I hope you are both doing well with Robb's long recovery.

I'm also glad to hear that the wheelchair is going well! BTW Robb.... that's some snazzy paint job ;-)

Music Woman

homeschoolmommy said...

We love reading your blog. And love seeing the beautiful pictures you take (hey that's creative). Looking forward to meeting you guys.

Anonymous said...

The terrific (and so often amusing)pictures and the well written pieces make your blog one of the first things I check every day. Keep 'em coming!
-Cape Cod Lightning Bug

ericaflory said...

i don't post everyday. but i do read it everytime yall post somethin. i love readin what yall do & the great pics you take!

Anonymous said...

I read! I love how honest you are about the ups-and-downs and sideways of everything. Hope you know how much your long distance friends are rooting for you.


Ryan said...

I'm still reading. *wave* =)

Anonymous said...

I look forward to your accounts of life on the West Coast and the lovely pictures you post. Both of you are inspirational in your dedication to each other and in your determined spirits.

Anonymous said...

Been reading since the begining but this is only my second post. Of course you're still creating! The garden from abandoned land,the beautiful pictures, those are creations also. Just different because your needs are different. BTW, this is Judith & Sparky but I couldn't remember by blogger ID ;)

Anonymous said...

Have been a faithful visitor, and look forward to your new pics and posts!

Kim from Philly

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a couple of months now. I deeply admire your sense of humor about life's smackdowns--and your appreciation of its pleasures as well. Thanks for sharing your story!
Peachtree City, GA

Eclipse said...

I'm a regular reader - I enjoy reading about your adventures and looking at your great photos. I'm also interested in Robb's progress, as someone who's spent a lot of time in physical recovery myself, and I'm really rooting for him.

I know how hard it can be to stay artistically motivated and engaged. You carved some great stamps for BASS, which is an artistic endeavor you shouldn't ignore, despite not getting around to your other projects. Good for you for getting the juices flowing again! Keep it up!

Greg said...

We are still reading! Didya get the last box of books and DVDs I sent a few weeks ago?

--greg & nicole

MoonBunny said...

Hi Lisa and Robb - I'm still reading! Often I start to post a comment, then I remember, gosh you guys really aren't long lost friends of mine. Just seems that way from being invited into your world through your blog.

It's a gift, by the way - both to those of us who read and to you who write. Thank you for sharing that with us!

Anonymous said...

mnnmnm dffd gmn mnmc v-
hey there- thats a message from my cat to yours- she walked on the keyboard, the little bugger.

It means " What sort of self-respecting cat eats a mango?"

Wait till I see what sort of gift she left for your cats in the litter box! At least my cat doesnt eat her litter. By the way, we are in the market for a new kitten- primarily so it will shut up our cat- since our other one died, it's been non-stop yowling.

Creativity wise (for those of us who cant knit) I suggest your readers engage in a day of Blog-poetry- since I'm ready to spew even more of my wordy wonders for the world to read.

- Annalisa and Gary

Anonymous said...

mnnmnm dffd gmn mnmc v-
hey there- thats a message from my cat to yours- she walked on the keyboard, the little bugger.

It means " What sort of self-respecting cat eats a mango?"

Wait till I see what sort of gift she left for your cats in the litter box! At least my cat doesnt eat her litter. By the way, we are in the market for a new kitten- primarily so it will shut up our cat- since our other one died, it's been non-stop yowling.

Creativity wise (for those of us who cant knit) I suggest your readers engage in a day of Blog-poetry- since I'm ready to spew even more of my wordy wonders for the world to read.

- Annalisa and Gary

ArchimedesScrew said...

Lisa and Robb-
I love reading your blog. You're making me think I should get working on my neglected quilting project. I have a crafts graveyard where craft projects enter and never emerge.

Bobbie said...

Creativity manifests in many ways. Could be planning a garden, great photography, imaginative mailboxing, as well as the constant problem solving that presents itself in your daily lives. So instead of worrying about what you're NOT doing, step back, and celebrate what you ARE doing.

Thank you for the blog. Your friends and families read it and find you both VERY creative.
You're both awesome!

Anonymous said...

I visit your blog regularly to follow your story and also to view your wonderful photos. Both of you are talented and spunky! -Rose in Ohio

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog almost as long as I've been on AQ. I felt like I knew you both before we met. Thank you.

Crow Girl, who finds sewing relaxing only after the 2nd beer.

Anonymous said...

I still think your blog is as sweet as bee barf-
*sound of towel snapping*

Anonymous said...

I also read every one of your posts. I have learned so much. You are an inspiration to so many of us!

Wild Rose

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa and Robb--

We are reading!!! Had just the best time on Sunday, cruising on the trails with you guys-- my Andrew thinks you are the bee's knees, Robb-- "He's so nice Mom!!" He really loved giving you cooties!

So there-- we are fans and readers too!!

Love to you both-- Anna and the kids

Dorks Anonymous said...

I read your blog almost first thing on AQ all the time. It is great to read WELL WRITTEN notes from creative, clever, people.

I've been told by people who do knit, that it is impossible to do so if you are stressed, and that your knitting is a good diagnosis for how on-edge you are--you'll have to pull all your stitches out 'cause they're too tight if you were too stressed.

And I know that creativity ebbs and flows--sometimes I'm frenetic and sometimes in the doldrums...

Anonymous said...

I anxiously anticipate each and every post. I am inspired by both of you and send as many good thoughts your way as I can.

The Cottontails

mimulus said...

i'm not a daily read..but stop by every few day sto see what your are up too.....lurkers unite! also lisa, I need your snail mail address wo I can mail you those stamps for lock wench. reply via atlasquest.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading, pretty much daily. I'm still chuckling over the image of Mr. Firdusi chomping on the cat litter.
Allison L-F

Kath said...

I'm so glad I met you both this weekend so I can stop feeling like such a voyeur! I started reading your blog when I signed onto AQ because I thought it would provide important information... and it has, just not the info I expected.
Kathy, Team T.

Anonymous said...

So, you want to know who and how many ready your fabulous blog? Are you surprised? Now that you know how many of us there are, you're going to HAVE to keep writing this forever! We read it every day and marvel at your words and beautiful photos. But the very best part is "watching" how Robb is improving each day. You both inspire us beyond belief.
~~Doublesaj & Old Blue~~

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa...I love to check your blog when I have time on AQ. I haven't met Robb but feel I know him through your comments. I can feel the commitment you two have to each other and it's very uplifting. I guess I should leave a comment here or there so I don't feel like a Peeping Tom..lol. As I've told you before, love the artistic ability you have and your blog is a wonderful place to display it. Thanks for sharing with us....Buggylou

jackbear said...

I read, and I am inspired. I click off the links on AQ, and follow from there. I don't read every post, but the ones I do I am always amazed at both of your positive attitudes, realism, and inspirational thoughts. You two are very special, and I appreciate you sharing your personal thoughts to all of us.


Anonymous said...

Be careful what you ask for...cuz you just might get it! I'll bet it takes longer to read these replies than it does to compose the blog!!haha.

Your faithful reader,

Anonymous said...

We are reading :-) I'm a fellow boxer who's interested in Robb's recovery, and have read your story. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I read them, Lisa.

I wanted to wish Robb a happy birthday here, but when I tried, it wanted my blog account . . . I guess I didn't do it right . . .

Please keep letting us know how you're doing. However, I make the mistake of reading this at work. Reading about your cat eating the kitty litter made me gasp as I was trying to laugh silently. That one killed me.

Your art is truly inspiring and so are you. Keep up the good work.


LLC said...

Hi Lisa and Robb,
I read your blog eagerly.
Thank you for your writ.

Anonymous said...

Mom and I just got back from the cabin and found 18 pages of blog to print out. I have just read the 38 comments on this post and am amazed. You two have a better approval rating than "W".
Get your knitting out, Lisa, Mom bought 2 skeins of light brown Alpaca wool at the Cambridge Farmer's Market which will be in the mail to you soon.
We are on our 3rd loose leave note book collection of your blogs.
Love, Mom and Dad B.

Anonymous said...

Since you asked, I'll tell. I read all the posts and enjoy all the photos and stories. I have a cat, too, and he'll eat nearly anything as well, especially if I'm eating it. Rice cakes anyone?

Fire Goddess

Anonymous said...

We all miss you both and yes we read!!!

Love you
The other Lisa

Derek said...

I check it every day.

Anonymous said...

I'm still reading!! Your blog is so important because it makes everyone feel closer to you and Robb even when we're far away.

You two have more adventures and explore more things even now than most people do here where I live. I miss you both!

Kim Lyons

Mark & Sue said...

Lisa & Robb:

You are both shining examples of a couple facing adversity and then coping and moving on. Your blog covers both the positives and negatives associated with recovery from a serious injury and your letterboxing family has been with you both every step of the way.

We will continue to pray for Robb's stunning improvement and your return to life as you knew it before the injury.

Our hope is to meet you both someday.


Dale End Farm said...

I read, since I've jointed atlasquest.
I also read the black squirrel diaries

Dale End Farm said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I found your blog through AQ, and have been continously amazed at your resilence and positive outlook. Thank you for sharing your creativity and inspiration! Best wishes to both of you.

- Eyze

cam of 3Ms said...

Hi Lisa and Robb, I dont get to read every day, but i catch up every other or every third. It encourages me when I see you encouraged, and I say prayers for you when you are having a rough time. Keep on keepin on!
I recently learned how to knit (ok, just the basic smock stitch but it's knitting!)I know what you mean about needing to be relaxed to do it.
Hope you can find that calm too!

Anonymous said...

I'm here! And, I read every day!


ajt said...

i swing by every now and then to see what's what. glad to know things are still going well.

Anonymous said...

I also found your blog through Atlas Quest and although I don't know I continue to be inspired by both you and Robb.
spring and snake

Anonymous said...

I am reading...my thoughts are always with you.

-the only Paul (well, maybe not...but the only brother!)

Anonymous said...

I'm another reader who got connected here through AtlasQuest. Your creativity and sense of humor are so enjoyable to me, and I'm impressed by your strength in the face of adversity.
Plus, I always appreciate the varied work of fellow theater artists! (I'm an actor/director, but also interested in all of the technical elements, so I love getting to hear about your scene painting and other work.) Thanks so much for sharing your lives with all of us out here in Anonymous Internet Land. :)

The Dread Pirate Queen

Anonymous said...

Like you I see the humor in all things and the bright side of most things. I enjoy reading someone who can put into words thoughts to be shared.

Thank you!
Drama Momma

Anonymous said...

I read them all as I can though I don't always comment.

I hope you can get back to your creative pursuits soon. Congrats on getting some quilting time in!

Knit Wit

Gothknits said...

I agree...I may not comment that often but yours is the first blog that I check everyday. It is inspiring in your struggle, reminds me why I miss you guys so much, but makes the distance seem less.

love you guys

Choi said...

We haven't met but I've been reading your posts and rooting for you. My wife was injured in a care accident 20 years ago and I now the effort that comes with working step by step through your recovery. Now, I'll go back to lurking in the shadows... :o)


Anonymous said...

Read it?!?! Of course it's part of my daily activities! top of my bookmarks....I'm very very thrilled to hear about the wiggling toe!
love and kisses

cml said...

hey Lisa and Robb,
I actually just started looking at this site today. For some odd reason I never knew the address and always got caught up in a million different things and never thought to ask. Now I'm on doctor ordered bed rest and I'm so happy I have this to look at - so inspiring and it's helping me to remember what is really important. Thanks for reminding me to look forward to tomorrow.
- cori

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa and Robb,

I am a semi-regular reader, but generally a shy poster, so this is the first comment I've ever left on a blog. Looking forward to seeing the results of you getting back to being "creative". Wish I could stop by and cook for the two of you again...


Anonymous said...

I'm days behind the times. But I can read. Mostly.

Take care,


knitica said...

I've been reading and reporting your news to various letterboxers and stagemanagers who ask how you two are doing.

I hope you both can feel safe and relaxed enough to start back on the creating. I haven't knit in a while either, not sure why.


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