Wake Up! It's Tuba Sunday!

Every February in our neighborhood, there's a morning we call Tuba Sunday. 

The neighbors hire a brass band, and they play a raucous (and honestly, very skilled) multi-houred set in their back yard. 

It's brassy. 

Its's percussive. 

It's really, really, really loud. 

And it starts at 7am. Every dang year.  

I do love the fact that I have neighbors who regularly hire live bands for backyard parties. But seriously, brass-and-drums are a bit challenging before we've had our coffee. 

(For the record, this year's band seems to be comprised of a couple of trumpet players, at least one clarinet, and a snare drum. No actual tubas this year.)


K said…
My favorite annual post. It always makes me want to hire a mariachi band for some reason.
K said…
And I'm super curious why a brass band? There must be a compelling story behind being brazen enough to play trumpets at 7:00 a.m. in a residential neighborhood on a weekend.

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