Thursday, September 24, 2015

We found a Doggie!

Robb and I were riding on the Bay Trail this evening. We had stopped to admire the sunset, when we noticed a Very Happy Doggie on the path. She was smiling and looking over her shoulder, as if she was asking permission to do whatever she was about to do.  But the odd thing was that nobody came around the bend in the trail to join this Very Happy Doggie. 

This Very Happy Doggie was accepting of our attention, and I had no trouble reading the phone number on her collar. 

I called her owner, who told us that this Very Happy Doggie had been out with the dog-walker when she was attacked by another dog and had broken loose and fled. I arranged a meeting place with the owner. 

Robb rigged up a leash, made from a spare inner tube. The Very Happy Doggie was very happy to trot alongside Robb's trike. 

The Very Happy Doggie was very happy to be reunited with her person, Jeannie. What neither Robb nor I realized was that this Very Happy Doggie had a large bloody gash on her neck. Despite having just been mauled, this Very Happy Doggie showed no signs of fear or pain. 

I'm sure that as I'm typing this, the Very Happy Doggie (whose name is actually Mia) is charming everyone at the veterinary clinic, as they stitch up her wound. 


Emily said...

Yay for very happy doggies and yay for you helping her get back home!

Andrea Palma said...




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