Thursday, June 12, 2014

She's got bees in her trees!


Today I helped my friend Christine relocate some honey bees that had started to build a home in her lemon tree.  I brought her a beehive, as well as all of my tree-pruning gear.  It was super-windy, which made the ladder-work a bit alarming.  But overall, this was a remarkably easy operation.

I'm such a dainty beekeeper.  I keep my pinkies extended while I work. 

But seriously, aren't the bees wonderful?  Look at the beautiful comb that they have built.  They'll be much safer inside a hive, when the rains (eventually) return.

I came prepared to pull apart the bees' comb.  I had frames ready to go, with rubber-bands to hold the comb in place.  But in the end, I decided to let the bees get settled inside the hive before I started ripping their home apart. 

I'll go back over to Christine's place in the next week and do a bit of house-keeping.  For the moment, I just want the bees to accept the hive as their home.

Cool, huh?


michelle hamer said...

Totally cool!

Anonymous said...

Very cool!


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