Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Garage Scraping, Day Two.


The garage scraping is going well, but I can only put so many hours in a day before my hand and arm start to protest.  The work involves very small motions, done with a lot of force, and I don't want to strain my hands.

Robb rigged up a shade structure, which is very nice.  However, I'm quite aware that the back yard looks terribly trashy.

Dear reader, can I convince you that all of that stuff isn't junk, and that it's really Interesting Projects, Waiting To Happen?  That tangle of dead plant matter on the turquoise lounge chair?  That's not just some weeds that need to go into the compost. Oh no.  That's flax that I grew last summer.  It hasn't been languishing in the back yard, hung up in the tree likes something that crazy people would do. Indeed not.  It has been "dew retting" in preparation for the day that I finally get my act together and turn this into a very short length of string.  At the rate I'm going, this will happen some time around February of 2038.

I've actually gotten a lot done, in terms of paint scraping. This photo above shows how things looked this morning when I started working.  By noon, I'd finished the slanty section on the left, and had moved on to the garage proper.

Once I can't do any more paint scraping, Robb and I make a lovely lunch with ingredients (mostly) from the garden.  And then there's an open afternoon for who-knows-what.  Yesterday was Retail Therapy -- petfood store, brewing (and cheesmeaking) supply shop, Japanese tool shop, and a trip to the fancy kitchen store.

I'm sure some people wouldn't be happy with this sort of vacation, but I'm having a wonderful time.

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Zippi Kit said...

I have no trouble at all believing that those items are useful and they are going to be art or craft someday. Yes, take care of those hands. They can wear out and that is not something an artist wants to have happen. Blessings!


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