Friday, December 27, 2013



Here's a drawing Robb made of our bathroom.  Drawings like this are helpful when considering alternate layouts for plumbing fixtures.  In our case, they show us that we don't have a lot of options, other than what's already here.  No other options that is, unless we want to rip out walls, which is something we're not interested in doing.

Those panoramic photos all lie. They make this microscopic bathroom look enormous.


Anonymous said...

Not a lot of room to change the layout but it looks like you have room to replace the sink with a vanity. That would give you more storage underneath and more room on top to place things.
Don't Panic!

Anonymous said...

This seems a lot like our first bathroom. Same colors etc., but you have the luxury of a window. For ours, you just need to flip the toilet and tub, turn the sink 90 degrees and put the door on the old sink wall. Only room for one. No sneaking in to get something. Door hit you if you were at sink or toilet. The second house had a master-bath that when you bent to spit in the sink your bottom touched the wall behind you. :)


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