Friday, December 27, 2013

Paint Scraping on Boxing Day


This is how things looked on the morning of Boxing Day.  Robb had scraped the paint off our medicine cabinet months ago. 

How things looked at the end of the day. I spent the afternoon scraping paint off of the woodwork.  I avoided anything that might be damaged by a heat gun.

I also dropped our super-fancy and rather expensive heat tool out the bathroom window.  Good thing I hadn't gotten around the weeding the beds along that side of the house. The heat-tool landed on my messy plants, and is apparently unscathed.  I'm an idiot.  I set up a nice little hotplate to rest the tool on when it wasn't in use.  But I failed to secure it to anything, and out the window it went.

We really got lucky with the weather, and were able to have our windows open today.  Heat-stripping paint stinks up the entire house unless you have extremely good ventilation. 

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