Tuesday, December 03, 2013

A Sprain in the Neck (or something like that...)


Robb seems to have sprained his ankle, some time during our kitchen-painting project. Since he can't really feel his feet and legs, it's hard to notice when he's injured himself.  And since his limbs don't always behave the same way, from day to day, it's also a challenge to decide of there's actually something wrong with them.  

What Robb noticed was that one of his ankles was rather swollen.  Not the pain, because there wasn't any.  A similar thing happened when he broke one of his toes.  He was alerted by the bruising, because he didn't feel any pain at all.

I don't think Robb has sprained an ankle previously. He's trying to keep the leg elevated, and to keep off of it as much as possible. Knowing Robb, he'll probably build some crazy contraptions, to make his life easier.  And he'll train the cats to brew and carry his coffee.


Stefaneener said...

Poor Rob! Poor you! We know from ankles here. They really do want you to rest.

So how can you guys recharge while elevating his limb? Movies on Netflix and cocoa?

Dianna said...

Your mention of the cats brewing and carrying Robb's coffee reminds me of the picture of Linguine with coffee foam on her nose. I believe you were discussing the purchase of your Keurig Cup coffee maker. Hope Robb feels better soon. You'll have to let us all know how the cats react.

K said...

You and Robb are so amazing. I hadn't thought about all the implications of injuring yourself when you can't feel it. Take care, Robb, and feel better soon.

I had a neighbor growing up who had some sort of medical issue where she couldn't feel anything. To prove this to me, she turned on the stove and put her hand on it for a few seconds. It was very impressionable to a 5 year old, and very disturbing now!


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