Monday, April 16, 2007

whaleboating ... and toes


So, in case you were confused, we did not go whale-watching this morning. Robb, Sheri and I went out rowing on a historic whaleboat as the guest of our letterboxing friend Denise.

Have you seen us sporting such huge grins, anytime recently? Considering how much we are not morning people, I wasn't a complete menace as a rower. Near the end of the trip, my coordination disappeared, but I'm still pretty pleased with how I did. I'm sure I'll be plenty sore after this workout. But who cares? A chance to get out on that beautiful water is worth the cost in muscular exertion.

Now that we know we can handle boating, Robb and I are going to take those kayak lessons I promised him for his birthday.

On the other hand (or foot, as the case may be), Robb recently noticed that his little toe was really swollen and black and blue. Thinking back, he realized that he had gotten it tangled in his sandal when he was getting dressed. He may have broken a toe, and not even realized it. Having broken a toe the summer that I backpacked around Europe, I can say that this may be the one time that Robb is lucky that he cannot feel his toes.

He will be scheduling an xray to look at his toe.


ericaflory said...

i broke my baby toe a few years ago, on all things, the fridge! i still have trouble with that toe. hope it gets better soon.

Music Woman said...

I broke my baby toe two summers ago when I hit the side of my foot against my boyfriend's Keen sandal! They (my dad, mom and boyfriend) all laughed at me because I was doubled over in pain! They weren't laughing five days later when I couldn't stand the pain anymore and gotten it x-rayed. I couldn't get my foot into a hiking boot for a month, though I still hiked level areas with tevas and socks (yes, I looked like an old person in Florida with socks and sandals).

Hope your toe gets better soon!


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