Saturday, November 09, 2013

Until We Are Blue In The Face


The cabinets are painted and the drawers and doors are installed!!!!

Robb and I are so pleased. We stand in the kitchen and grin like fools. We do that anyway, of course. But now we're grinning at the cabinets, in particular.

Robb has been sanding our ceiling over the course of the past week.  He built himself a very stable platform, with safety rails.  His paralyzed feet aren't really safe on ladders, so this is a very good work-around.

One of the requirements for our type of mortgage was that the house couldn't have any cracks or peeling paint.  (I assume this was a lead-safety issue.)  The sale was being handled by a panel of lawyers appointed by our county.  The lawyers hired a team of painters to scrape and caulk the walls, but nobody actually supervised these painters.  (I know this because I stopped by the house while painting was ongoing -- with my own team of painters who wanted to see the place.)  The painters did a good job at first, but by the end of the project they slacked off.  Our kitchen and bathroom ceilings looked like some drunk monkey had smeared  toothpaste all over the place.  This filled my heart with dread.  The idea of carving the caulk off with a razor blade, or dissolving it with chemicals had what I call a Very High Suck Factor.

But it turns out that if you totally ignore caulk for four years, it will harden up so much that it can be sanded with an orbital sander.  Laziness on our part really paid off!

Robb did a photoshop mockup of how the darker blue walls and ceiling will look.  You can see that he also drew in a few of the missing cabinet doors.  We've never lived with anything but a white kitchen, and are a wee bit nervous about turning this room into a dreary blue cave.  So, mocking it up is very helpful.

We'll be priming the walls and ceiling today with tinted primer.  This will also help us be sure that we like the idea of blue walls.  We figure that even if we hate it, that's no big deal.  It's only paint. We can always paint over it, right?


Anonymous said...

Love the mock-up with the blue. Dare I say cute?


K said...

I couldn't wait to read the update to your blog and see how things were going. And wow, love that you can see it on screen before you do it in real life.
I wonder if you painted the ceiling, but didn't use the same color on the wall. Maybe a lighter shade on the walls to help lighten things up? Perhaps just a tint darker than the cabinets?
But I am talking to a scenic artist! And everything you ever do is amazing. I can't wait to see the finished product.
You are inspiring. And I love all your retro kitchen pins on pinterest. I'll keep an eye out for a robin's egg blue fridge.
And just for a side note of interest, my Mom had this original electric stove from the 30s. It looked like one of those classic cars with the fins and was a solid mess of heavy. It was a lovely pink.
Anyway, it had a few issues and didn't work really well. We had to replace it and it was in a basement. I called around and everywhere wanted to charge hundreds to come haul it to the dump. I thought that was a travesty, so I called a place that rents out things like that to movie makers, and they picked it up for free and gave us a $50 voucher.
And on another tangent, my Grandmother had 2 built-in ovens in her kitchen, in lovely yellow with some pink, that were at least 50 years old. The worked perfectly. When the house was sold the guy that bought it ripped them out. Travesty!


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