Monday, November 04, 2013

So Close! So Frustrated!


All this past weekend, I was giving myself a little pep-talk.  If we could get the kitchen project far enough along, we could hang the doors when I got home from work on Monday.  All the work and the grime and the tedium would be worth it, because -- finally -- some part of our kitchen would look really nice.

As we unloaded the pieces from my car, one of my insane neighbors set off a volley of professional-grade fireworks.

It all seemed very auspicious.

We had previously cleaned the paint off the original hinges, and carefully saved the original screws.  Once the car was unloaded, I set about re-attaching the hardware to the doors.

And it became immediately clear that we would not be hanging doors tonight.  The hinges barely moved, and easily a third of the screws were unusably stripped.

We got two doors hung -- badly.  I threw a little tantrum.

We had dinner and a beer.

And then we realized that historic restoration did not require us to use crappy hardware.  The cabinets can wait another day, until we've bought some better supplies.

But damn.  I really wanted to see those doors in place.  Grump.  Grump.  Grump.  I think I'll be going to bed extra-early tonight.

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tiggermama said...

i went to bed early too. mine had to do with fighting a large multinational corporation for an hour, then having them hang up on me while i was on hold. *sigh* it will be better today. . .


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