Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday Harvest


While we've been toiling away on our kitchen restoration, our persimmon tree has been ripening.  The leaves have turned to glorious flame.

I picked these persimmons on Sunday, but I haven't actually tasted them yet. (Update: I enjoyed a feast of delicious fruit at work for lunch today.)

This year's crop had some kind of issue with mealybugs under the leaf-like structures on the top of the fruits.  (Bracts? Is that the name?) I suspect this means we'll have use more care than usual when we scrub gift-fruits. Probably because of the insect population, there is also a healthy community of spiders on our persimmons. I'm not afraid of spiders, but fast-moving creatures unexpectedly running across my hands can make me jump across the kitchen.

The green fruits are pineapple guavas, which grow across the street from where I work.  They fall to the ground when they ripen.  Apparently only the local squirrels and I are willing to collect these unusual and delicious fruits.  This year was the best harvest I've seen for these trees.  The fruit is much larger than I've observed in previous seasons.  We don't see these fruits in the stores because they don't seem to store very well.

I have a tiny baby pineapple guava tree, planted in the back yard.  I'm hopeful that some day I'll actually get fruit from it.

How about you? Are you seeing any action in your gardens?  If you want to see what other gardeners are up to, check out the weekly roundup at Daphne's blog.


Michelle said...

Someday I have to find a spot for a persimmon tree in my garden, if only for the beauty, but I love the fruit too. Pineapple guavas you can have all to yourself, I don't like the texture. Speaking of spiders, I almost stepped on another tarantula in my garden yesterday - I love those guys!

I've been following your progress on your kitchen - I am so impressed with all your hard work. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of the finished product.

Norma Chang said...

Beautiful persimmons, wish I could have a persimmon tree in my backyard.

Dave said...

Lovely persimmons! We're down to the last 3 or four of ours. So far we have not had insect or disease issues with them.

Anne Bonny said...

I've never heard of pineapple guavas and I'm ashamed to say I've never tasted a persimmon
*hanging my head in shame*
They both look beautiful though!


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