Saturday, November 02, 2013

As Paneless As Possible


Today while I was at my studio working on the drawers and cabinet doors, Robb removed our kitchen windows.  We don't want to use heat to strip the paint on the windows, for fear of cracking our lovely woobly glass.

There were two surprises in this job.  First, how easily the panes could be removed from the rest of the house.  And secondly, that the upper panes were meant to open.  We had no idea that this was possible.  It turns out that our windows had been painted shut for years and years.

Judging by the way the paint was layered on, Robb guesses that the upper parts of our kitchen windows had been painted shut for sixty-five years.

We're using horribly corrosive chemical strippers, which do an astonishingly good job, and will dissolve right through human flesh.  As you can imagine, we only use this method in very particular circumstances.

We popped the windows in again at the end of our work-day.  If we hadn't, I would have spent a sleepless night, imagining raccoons and burglars climbing into our kitchen, and tripping over our stepladders.

As I figure it, we'll be able to start installing cabinet doors on Monday, after I get home from work.  My vacation is over, and I need to stop painting my kitchen and get back to painting theatrical scenery.

Linguine will be very sad to see me go back to work.  She, like the protagonist in Three Men in a Boat (to say nothing of the dog), loves to watch other people work.


Rabid Quilter from CA said...

Once again amazed at your fortitude and knowledge! We wouldn't begin to know this stuff.

We know you're toiling on this worthy project but we're secretly hoping you can get away for a pint at the Lb event in San Rafael today. . .

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Our house is younger - built in 78 or 79. We have the kind of windows that you can open top ot bottom as well! All our weights and pulleys are missing though! When we are ready, we're going to try and find a tutorial to repair them!

Dianna said...

I'm enjoying watching the kitchen progress through your blog Lisa. What makes it that much more fun is seeing how the cats are making themselves involved in the process too. Like Linguine, Tuna, my family cat, LOVES to sit and observe the goings on. Tonight, for example, for she found a comfy spot on the couch and very calmly watched my father walking back and forth as he worked. Cats are such fun! Hope the kitchen remodeling continues to go well!


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