Monday, September 23, 2013

Backyard Chicken Extreme

Our thanks to Cath for directing us to this article in the Wall Street Journal.

Martha and Lulu. Photo by Joshua Kristal

Lisa's sister Martha, who is one of the new urban backyard chicken pioneers in Brooklyn, New York, frequently gets interviewed about her flock.   She gives great advice on her website: Brooklyn Feed.  Martha's a terrific spokesperson for urban agriculture. Sensible, practical.

Today's Journal article, begins with her comments on the difficulty of finding veterinarian services for poultry in New York City, and then goes off into the (for some) crazy world of people spending thousands of dollars on vet bills for chickens and then the completely absurd land of... well, I'll just quote:
Dolly sleeps in a basket near her owner, has her own Twitter feed and travels in a Ralph Lauren tote bag. 
"She laid her first egg in the bed of a Ritz-Carlton in Atlanta," Mr. Brown says. 

A spokeswoman for the two Ritz-Carlton hotels in Atlanta said they had no knowledge of the chicken laying an egg there. 

Meantime, Dr. Greenacre's hospital recently saw a turkey beset by seizures and respiratory problems. It got an MRI. In another case, vets at the same hospital pulled 97 cents in change from a duck.
I keep checking the calendar.  It's not April 1st yet, is it?

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cath said...

So glad can tell my husband I'm not crazy. Yes, the letterboxing knitter that I know in CA, is the sister of the Brookynite chicken owner on the front of the Wall Street Journal today. Well, maybe that doesn't confirm my sanity.


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