Been a While, Huh?


Things have been quiet here on the blog.  Mostly because life has been so hectic.  I'm working on a huge project that's heading to Broadway, and that stars Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen.  As you can imagine, that's been my major concern.  Blogging has fallen by the wayside.

Otherwise, it has been a month of plums. I swear, I've said the word "plum" about ten thousand times in the past six weeks.  Our tree put out an incredible crop, which we shared with everyone, including our fruit-crazed hens.  The plum harvest is a great excuse to invite friends over, as was the fact that my friend Mel was staying with us for a number of weeks.  Mel and I go way back.  We know each other from the DC/Baltimore Scenic Painting Mafia, and when I realized I needed one more really top-notch painter, I invited her out to California.  She got to do a lot of touristy things while she was here.  We went to the beach at Point Reyes and went kayaking on Lake Merritt.  Mel got to experience the insanity of illegal urban fireworks (not ours, thank you very much) at our backyard party on the Fourth of July. 

We made a lot of plum jam, both from my tree and my friend DJ's.  I made lemon marmalade, and Robb made a batch of plum wine.  We baked scads of fruit tarts and pies.  We made huge messes, and washed a whole lot of dishes. I bought a new-to-me car -- a 2005 VW Jetta.  It's very nice, indeed.  

Our tree was laden with beautiful fruit.  And some dusty-colored shaggy thing. What the heck is that?

Our arboreal kitty, Smog.  Mel bought us a collar-cam, which has resulted in some rather amusing footage (paw-age?), including hours and hours of backyard napping.

Yep, it has been a good month.


Anonymous said…
Who's the adorable little girl? -Rose
Amber said…
So glad to hear you have had a good month =o)
Unknown said…
My first thought was that it hadn't been so long that the cute little plum holding a plum was yours.
Gardner in training?
Anne Bonny said…
I can't believe just how big Smog has gotten! I remember when he first found you guys and was in poor shape indeed! Your pics are always beautiful and those plums look delicious!
Gina said…
What a delightful post!

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