Sunday, June 09, 2013



Yesterday, we had strong winds all day, and a huge number of unripe plums were blown down from our tree.  It was demoralizing to see these plums drop before they were mature.

As I was picking plums off the ground, a memory was rolling around in the back corners of my brain.  Weren't unripe plums particularly rich in pectin?  Couldn't these plums be used to thicken jam?  A quick internet search confirmed my hunch, and so I'll be storing these unripe fruits in the freezer until jam time properly arrives.

I suspect that I may have some of last season's ripe plums in the freezer.  There's a certain point when the effort of making homemade jam outweighs the pleasure and production grinds to a halt.  Guess I should go look into those back corners of the our freezer, and see what's rolling around in there.

1 comment:

Martha said...

More plum jam please!! In fact, quit your job so you can make plum jam full time!!


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