Learn Something New!


This Sunday, I'll be one of three teachers offering classes through the Spindles and Flyers handspinning guild. I'll be demonstrating the making of handwoven lavender wands, while the other folks will be showing how to weave yarn flowers, and reclaim luxury yarn from thrift-shop sweaters.

Classes are free (although the reclaimed yarn class has a $5 materials fee, to cover the cost of the sweaters).

The guild meeting starts at 11am, we take an hour for a brown-bag lunch (and general chitchat)and then the classes start at 1pm.  We meet in a little community center at 715 Lexington Avenue in El Cerritto, not far from the BART station.


Anonymous said…
how interesting!

the pink dragon
Martha said…
Wow! Those are so beautiful. Any chance you will post an online tutorial??

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