Friday, October 05, 2012

Home Stretch

We are all about Challenges here at Team How's Robb.  Fortunately, most of them are self-imposed.

Those are often the best kind of challenges since they come with a strong sense of accomplishment that you don't always get from just enduring a bad situation.

I won't lie, I looking forward to tomorrow's challenge with more than the usual trepidation.  I keep telling myself that we've done this ride before, that we've done it in 100+ degree heat, that I managed it at a time when I needed to stop and lie down every 20 minutes.

This year, though, I'm nervous. We've had less time to train and prepare, and our longest ride falls short of tomorrow's course. EEkK!

Of course, that said, I know what will happen:  We will rise to the challenge because that's what we do.

We'll drive down that long dirt road into the beautiful vineyard where the ride begins each year.
We'll saddle up and cycle into the courtyard, joining about 150 people riding every kind of pedal powered vehicle.

We'll greet old friends and maybe make new ones.  We'll see the kids playing, zooming around in their wheelchairs, popping wheelies and intentionally bumping each other.

The excitement will build.  We'll remember what we're there to do and why it's important.

And at 10 o'clock, we'll ride.

Yes, it will be hard.   We'll push ourselves.  We'll encourage each other.  We'll rise to the occasion. And Yes, we will do it.  

There's still time to chip in and sponsor our 25-mile ride.  Click here to support BORP's athletic programs for people with physical disabilities.

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Mel said...

Have a wonderful ride!


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