Mid September Harvest


Robb and I have both been laid low by a tenacious headcold, so there's not much going on around our place.

We've been eating a lot of kale from our garden, and enjoying the late-summer scarlet runner beans. There are a lot of things we can't seem to grow in our vegetable garden, but we have great success with kale and beans.

We've also started to get a few figs from the sad fig tree that our neighbors gave us last summer. Once we finish painting, we'll plant things around the perimeter of our house. We're holding off for the moment, to facilitate ladder placement. (I won't lie. The house painting project is totally stalled.) We have to exercise a lot of self control, and not pick the figs too soon. We have the same problem with the strawberries, which we usually eat one day too early.

Smog's eye is better, but his digestion is still out of whack. Smog is a very strong cat, with a huge personality.  Most of the time, he's a Bit Too Much for the other cats, but when he's not feeling well, they seem to put up with him more.  Even shy Sleeves is allowing him to come closer than usual. 


Stefaneener said…
Poor kitty and poor you guys. Sounds like a good season for regrouping. Kale has to help, right? Like a tonic?
cath said…
The hot dry weather this summer on the east coast caused a bumper crop of figs at my parent's house in NY. I ate a lot of figs on my weekend there in Aug--and brought back enough to make some jam to (maybe) hold me over a few months of the winter. I just love figs!

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