No, Really. He Loves This.


Now that our hen Harriet is feeling better, our kitty Smog has gotten sick. Before I found Smog on the side of the road, he had suffered a terrible injury where his pelvic bones were smashed and then healed all wrong. Because of the distortion of his skeleton, Smog has chronic digestive problems. And right now, he's in a bit of trouble. He's not eating, and is all backed up. We're treating him with laxatives, and trying to keep him hydrated.

Robb has the magic touch. He cradles Smog -- upside down -- in his arms, and Smog gets a crazy toothy grin on his face, and submits to his treatments. I've tried this, and all I get is an armload of cat scratches.

Smog has very different relationships with me and Robb. The morning ankle-chomping ritual, for instance. Lucky me.

Don't you just love the the detail on Smog's spiny tongue? All the better to bite you with, my dear.


Anonymous said…
That cat is WEIRD!

You both are such wonderful pet parents!
Anne Bonny said…
Aww poor baby Smog! Fingers crossed that he starts feeling better soon!
Bungalow Boxer said…
I can totally relate to the ankle chomping. Our now deceased cat used to LOVE to attack bare legs as you walked by. This came from the rough housing that he and my husband did when he was a kitten. I never seemed to appreciate the "gesture."
Cinderellen said…
Smog may have pelvic issues, but there is nothing wrong with his teeth!

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