Clucking Awesome!


Back in February, we started assembly on our hen house.  Robb designed the structure, and had planned every part of the construction.  His goal was to use as much reclaimed lumber as possible, and most of the coop is made of one hundred year old redwood, left over from re-siding our house after the idiot contractors ruined our original old-growth hardwood siding (without our permission).

The cats were very helpful, offering loads of supervision.

This is how things looked in March.  We were not on a very swift building schedule.

Here's a view of the coop in the context of our little garden.  When we build the "run" it will go between the hen house and out wood rack.  The chickens will have safe, permanent access to the outdoors.

Here's how things look, right now.  Our teenaged chickens have moved out of the brooder, and are spending their nights inside of the hen house. 

Robb is such a great builder.  He has fabricated every part of this charming structure.  I explained glass-cutting to him, and he made the windows, using the antique glass that the idiot contractors left in the back yard.  He built the doors from scratch.  He has done most of the painting.  I couldn't be more delighted.

Isn't this adorable?  Our chickens live in a clucking palace.


Anonymous said…
I clucking love this! You must have the happiest chickens around! I have seen these made where it is built on top of a compost heap and the poop falls into the compost by gravity, but the heap would have to be shallow to begin with. This looks great!

ajt said…
This is so great! I'm ready to move in.
I agree, your coop is a clucking masterpiece! Well done Robb!
Anonymous said…
So very charming!

~Traveling Garden Gnome
Bungalow Boxer said…
LOVE it!!!! I'm wishing we had put nice brackets on our house like your coop. At the time, we didn't have the $$ to do it, but now I'm wishing we had just coughed up the $$.
That is clucking awesome! Wow! I am so impressed with your chicken "coop". Are you having a coop warming? Should we bring straw for the nest boxes?
Cyn Plahuta said…
Awesome! He does nice work! If the chickens aren't happy, they're cluckin' crazy. Which I shouldn't say, really, 'cause chickens come out of the shell crazy.

Stefaneener said…
No kidding, they have a palace. What lovely lovely work. The garden looks great too.
ML said…
Gorgeous place. If you ever need to you can get rental income from it.

You mention a chicken run. I dont know if that is to protect the chickens from predators, or to protect the garden from foraging chickens. If the latter, here is a beautiful book for inspiration.

Free-range chicken gardens : how to create a beautiful, chicken-friendly yard Jessi Bloom ; with photographs by Kate Baldwin. : Bloom, Jessi.; BOOK  2012
Phoebe said…
that is one seriously STUNNING hen house!
dre achilleus said…
The hen house to end all hen houses! I LOVE it.

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