Monday, February 20, 2012

Tuba at Daybreak

For the third year in a row, we were awoken this past Sunday to the exhilarating sounds of live tuba music, oompah-ing through our bedroom window. (2010, 2011)

When Robb and I lived in Texas, we developed an appreciation for the vibrant intersection of Mexican and German music. Germans have lived in Mexico since the 19th Century, and its no surprise that they spread Polka wherever they went. Robb and I seem destined to live in musical neighborhoods. Our Dallas neighbors would sing lovesongs all night long, and then start the polka as soon as they got up in the morning. I still believe that tuba sounds better after a couple of cups of coffee.

We haven't figured out which neighbors hire the early-morning banda musicians, so we haven't had the opportunity to ask what the occasion is.

Robb suspects that it has to do with Lent (no tuba until Christ has risen!), but I'm not so sure.

There was an interesting piece on NPR this past week about the thieves that have been stealing tubas from Los Angeles high schools. Who knew there was a black market for tubas?


Anonymous said...

I have decided that this is still far better then when we had to listen to our redneck, brain dead, inbred high school dropout uber-breeding next door neighbors scream at each other, and try to kill each other. Sigh deeply, and enjoy the music!


Anne Bonny said...

You guys have THE coolest lives!

Steve, Christa, Emily, Meghan, Charles & Elizabeth said...

As a former Tuba player, I have to agree that Tuba music is wonderful. I would be willing to bet that the Tuba thefts are more about scrap metal than black market Tuba sales. It makes me sad to think of those poor Tubas being destroyed.

Anonymous said...

"Ahh, low sustained booming noises, Nine. Nine-fifteen."

- Harris K Telemacher, L.A. Story

Martha said...

The price of metal has skyrocketed, so I have to agree with your other reader. We see people pushing grocery carts filled with scrap metal down the street to sell it. I heard one guy say he got over $200 for his cart-full.


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