Six Years


It has been six years since we had reason to start this blog. This, certainly, is not a day we "celebrate." While we both live with out outcome of this particular day, neither of us dwell on it. In fact, I actually forgot that today was the anniversary of Robb's accident.

What I will never forget is how amazing Robb is, and how really fortunate we both are. Thank you, blog friends, for all of your kindness over the past six years.


ASL Girl said…
Congratulations on the 6 year blog milestone Lisa and Robb! From the blogs, it is very evident to me that nothing, absolutely nothing, has kept you both from seeking out fun things and enjoying life to its fullest. And then there are the cats...who seem to always be up to antics but still remain so adoreably cute through it all! I just love reading about what they are up to, how your busy bees are doing, as well as anything and everything that comes to mind while you're writing your blogs.
You both are such an inspiration to keep going no matter what! Thanks for all you do and keep up the great blogs!!
Anonymous said…
You guys are both busy as the bees with your new/old house! Take it slow and enjoy what you are both up to. 6 years is about when we got our house and 6 years later, we are STILL working on the barn, and I am STILL trying to get our basement waterproofed, along with many other things that all seem to either take an inhumanly long time to accomplish, or they just don't seem to get done at all. This may be how you also feel about certain things, but as long as you keep trucking along it will be alright. If things got fixed or done or recovered too quickly, you may have missed some of the important character building (and testing) moments to be found in life. Robb and you are both here, and that is saying something. You have a home of your own to work on, and trust me, it will feel like it will never get done. There is both good and bad in what has happened, and you both still have each other, so that makes you luckier than most.

We read a lot of blogs on a regular basis but, hands down, your blog is the most inspirational, educational and artistic of them all. I've said it before, we are in awe of your strength, your talents and your heart--both of you! We have learned so much over the past 6 years. Thank you.
Lisa said…
Hello, Lisa,
Thanks for your contributions to the blogosphere, and the inspiration that you've provided.


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