Makes Re-Folding a Map Look Easy by Comparison


Flower Tower Origami Fold from Yulia Pinkusevich on Vimeo.

Flower Tower 8-Fold (Uncut Silk Square) from Chris K. Palmer on Vimeo.

Today I had the great pleasure of participating in a workshop with Chris Palmer, the artist featured in these videos. He brought along some of his famous flower towers, and let us play with them. My intern Anya teased me mercilessly because I simply could not stop announcing "THIS IS SO COOL" as we were working on our projects.

But really. THIS. WAS. SO. COOL.

I'm a bit too tired to slog through all of the photos I took today, so you'll have to enjoy these videos, and just look forward to seeing what we worked on.


Carolina said…
That IS so cool. Mr. Rududu, who does a lot of origami wonders if they put little stitches in the silk flower. He saw something a bit like that at the national origami convention. It must have been really cool to be allowed to play with it!
The fabric pieces do involve tiny tacking-stitches, but they aren't really structured like origami, with all the preliminary creasing. It's more like smocking or pleating.
a. d. said…
Hey there! I was actually looking for a way to email you. I sent you a message on Flickr about a week ago about using one of your images. Please let me know! :)

Very cool! Is this a particular type of paper? Almost looks like fabric although with all the handling, it could just 'season' the paper.

Chris didn't tell us about about his paper choices. He's mostly working with silk, as far as I can tell. You can see the difference between the paper work and the fabric, if you look at the fluidity or crispness of how they move.
Anonymous said…
Bought the book on Lisa's recommendation. It just came a few minutes ago, so I haven't actually read it, But it is making me drool and wonder how I can get out of making meals and cleaning for the next few days.


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