The Wild Bride


Here's a delicious taste of the show that's next up at Berkeley Repertory Theatre, where I work. The show comes to us from Kneehigh Theatre in Cornwall England, but due to the difficulty of shipping theatrical scenery across the Atlantic, our studios built and painted some -- but not all -- of the larger scenic elements.

The show looks haunting, creepy and sexy. In other words, I expect to love it.


Stefaneener said…
Oh, hey! Denise and I went to a show this year. . . or last. . . she's so much more of a keeper-up with drama than me. But now that I have FINALLY put it together with you, well, maybe I'll keep up more. The show does sound interesting.
Kristin said…
My husband and I have been attending the Rep for years! It's our only date night out. I love live theatre. What is your job there?
Kristin said…
What a fantastic show! We went last night and I have to share my random thoughts about it. We liked it because of the: sounds, from the melodies to the bird songs and breathing; the props: leaves, dust, pears, fantastic puppets, crowns; the simplistic yet ever-changing set, even the scented smoke; the multi-talented-actors--those Europeans knew their stuff! Excellent song, dance, and emotion conveyed through their bodies; the choreography was fantastic; I now get the point of modern dance. Lisa, it was truly enjoyable and really my favorite kind of theater. I bought the C.D. during intermission.

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