Cold weather seems to have settled into the Bay Area.

Last week, we had a huge windstorm that ripped several branches off of our persimmon tree.

We now have a huge amount of not-quite-ripe persimmons, that I have no idea how to use.

I'm thinking of treating them like apples, and trying to make a cake.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd hate for all this fruit to go to waste. These are "Fuyu" persimmons (I think). They are the non-astringent type that can be eaten while still firm.


Celia Hart said…
I've never eaten a Persimmon - but they look lovely!

Tart Tatin?

Kristen said…
Do persimmons continue to ripen off the branch? Maybe if you put them in a bag with a banana they'll soften up without rotting.
Sharon said…
I've read two ways to ripen them, the ol' paper bag trick, or another was to put them in the freezer, since the fruit ripening is triggered by the cold.

A list of Recipes:
Martha said…
Don't forget to make tea from the green leaves.
Anonymous said…
Let them get orange before using them or they are pretty bitter. Look online for chutney recipes. They make good chutney!

Yosemite MJD
I posted a galette with frangipane recipe to your FB. I haven't made it (yet), but it sounds lovely. We're still waiting for our 'Chocolate' persimmons to ripen. Alternatively, how about a simple persimmon Clafouti, just to be a little different? I think the only recipe we have posted thus far is for grandma's persimmon cookies.
Stefaneener said…
Hmmmm. I have no idea. Will they continue to ripen like tomatoes? I know the Hachiya do.
Your tree must be better than mine. No fruit yet in year 3, I believe.

I see I'm not the only one to wonder about ripening.
mary jane said…
I was so lucky to get your handpicked ones. I still have one left and I think they do ripen just a wee bit on the window sill.

Yum Yum Yummy they are!
Carolina said…
In the Midwest, all persimmons arrive unripe. They will ripen. Just wait. Or you can put them in a paper bag. It may or may not do anything to speed the ripening (I just don't know.) Or you can leave them on your countertop and enjoy their loveliness until they are ripe.

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