Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Step on a Crack, Break Your Lover's Back.


Like the sculpture? It's by artist Maskull Lasserre.

Just about a year ago, Robb -- who was already injured from a spinal cord injury -- slipped and fell and broke his back for the second time.

At the time, we just "toughed our way through it."

But I'll say it now. I never want to have this happen again. Robb is an incredibly resilient person, but he doesn't need anything else to deal with.


Anonymous said...

I believe Frida Khalo (patron artist/saint of injured artists) would have liked this image you post-


Anne Bonny said...

That's a beautiful sculpture, glad Rob is resilient, but hope he never has that happen again!

On a different note, how are the bees? What are they doing this time of year? I love the fuzzy bees :)


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