Sunday is Egg Day!


Robb's parents are visiting!

Sheri is visiting!

And Sunday is our somewhat-annual Egg-Stravaganza, where I'll be teaching folks to make Ukrainian-style Easter eggs.

Won't you join us from 1pm until 4pm at Berkeley Rep's new scenic studios?

1111 8th Street, in North Berkeley.

If you are planning on attending, please let me know. I need to know how many chairs and beers we'll need. And bring your own blown-out egg, please.


ajt said…
Someday, someday, I will be in the area when it's eggstravaganza time. Or maybe I'll be in the area someday and you can teach me in the fall.

Hoping you have lots of fun. It is certainly starting to feel like spring here; our first daffodil opened up yesterday, and the tomato seedlings have germinated.
Those eggs look so beautiful Lisa. I'm not sure we're going to make it, but we'll try. Having some significant drainage issues here this weekend, with 8 more days of rain on the way. If I can teach the turkeys to swim, we'll head up there, but turkeys aren't very smart. If we do make it, we can stand...and bring our own beer :P
Anonymous said…
I love doing these! Unfortunately often times I feel like a giant stomping Godzilla, or (Atheist-zilla) and sometimes hold my egg too tight and crush it.

Good luck and Happy Egging!

PS- my alpaca neighbors have the 4 dates for April set for when we help them shear. They have over 40. That is a LOT of kicking and spitting animals that weigh 8 times my weight. I was urged by my neighbor to throw out the old wool I had here since mice got into it. It was in a big bag in my barn. Its good for teaching kids to felt and that is about it. I am going to get you some wool when we do the shearing. They have many colors and I will try to get you some of each- white, brown, black and gray.
I dont think I told you about the horrible flooding that affected the Mannings here this spring. It was crummy but they made it ok.

Kristen said…
Did y'all buy Ampersand Visual Communications? If so, how much of the building is yours? Just curious as to the spec of your new shop, as the image on google street view suggests its a low two-storey. Does the ceiling open up away from the street? I can't imagine you working without at least 20' of headroom!
Gina said…
Have a grand time! We'll be with you in spirit! (and I may try and pull off the first egg party I've had in years this Spring, too, thanks to your inspiration) <3
Anonymous said…
Awwww... wish I could be there...I have many Psyancki eggs!

Nancy Lewis said…
Beautiful eggs!!! Wow.

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