Unplanned Excitement


I meant to post the second installment of our glance back at 2010, but a few things got in the way.

For example, this evening our kitty Smog, who is allowed to roam in our back yard, disappeared.

We followed the sounds of pathetic kitty-mewing, and eventually located Smog in a tiny crevice between our fence and our next-door-neighbors' back yard. I staked out our neighbor Manuel's yard, and Robb stayed on our side. The sun had gone down, and I since I was the one looking directly at our obstinate little cat, I had the flashlight.

In the darkness, Robb somehow lost his balance and knocked over one of our beehives.

After seemed like an eternity of making kissy-noises, I caught the cat.

And then I lost him again when Manuel (who speaks only slightly more English than I speak Spanish) was trying to give me a bag of homegrown fruit. The cat freaked out, and ran right back into the crevice. More coaxing, a lot of patience, and I caught our Little Dude, for the second time.

And then we had to deal with the bees.

Robb and I managed to right the hive. We parked it temporarily on a table in the backyard, because the legs of the hive stand are stuck in the mud of the back yard. We reassembled the frames of wax, and annoyed an awful lot of bees.

And, yes, we both got stung, several times. (We're doped up on Benadryl at the moment.)

Given that we were doing this in almost total darkness, I think we should be happy that no humans panicked or lost their tempers. We'll look at the bees tomorrow. Until then, we'll hope for the best, and thank goodness that we knocked over our smaller less-populated beehive instead of the one that's overflowing with bees.


Gina said…
Lordy, lordy, what a night! So glad everyone's o.k (save for a few stings.)

And yes! You all are paragons of virtue and patience to have responded to your adventures with such an even keel...I'm not certain I know anyone else that would have!

Kudos to you both...
And, as if you don't have enough to do tomorrow to right things, remember to block that crevice! Of course, Smog'll probably find another one to get stuck in. . .
Anonymous said…
what an adventurious evening for you all, including the bees:)
Anonymous said…
Sounds like someone needed another flashlight in their stocking this year. Valentines Day maybe?

I was so worried that you were going to say that Robb hurt himself again. Glad it was only a few bees and a few stings.

Larva lady-ZZ
Stefaneener said…
Oh dear, oh dear. I always wonder about the hives in an earthquake, but I didn't imagine a Rob-quake.

I'm glad you had Benadryl.
Anonymous said…
Well, you got this over with at the beginning of the year, so now everything is going to be great! Lost cat and knocking over beehives all in one night! Lucky your neighbor wasn't a psycho that shot at you with a gun for being in his yard?

Good luck with the rest of the year- the stings were really "bee kisses" right?

Town Mouse said…
Makes me tired to imagine that particular adventure... How have cats managed to domesticate humans, anyway.

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