Thursday, November 04, 2010

We find it all very bracing.


Yesterday, Robb was fitted for a custom brace, to help support his spine while his broken back heals.

I'm trying not to be too stressed out by the fact that Robb broke his back over a week ago, and still isn't wearing anything like a cast.

Instead, I'm using my energy to imagine what his new back support device might look like.

What do you think? I have no doubt that Robb would rock any and all of these looks.


gollygee said...

I'm rooting for the Frank-N-Furter look. And I think the lipstick and eyeliner will help with his recovery as well. :D

Stefaneener said...

The only problem with the beaded ones is the powdered buttocks. It might be chilly this winter.

Christine said...

I'm picturing an Elizabethan ruler taped along his spine. Add a neck ruffle and... viola!

greg said...

I think the man-corset would be fetching on Robb.

Kristin aka kjnohr aka Trekkie Gal said...

I would also have to vote for Robb-N-Furter. :)

Anonymous said...

yes - i too vote for the corset:)

and of course if it doesn't look pretty, you would have to knit something out of silk and beads to cover it:D

MamaKin said...

Well, you already know my vote -

Well you got caught with a flat
Well how 'bout that
Well babies don't you panic
By the light of the night
It'll all seem alright
I'll get you a Satanic mechanic
I'm just a sweet transvestite
From Transexual, Transylvania
Why don't you stay for the night
Or maybe a bite

I could show you my favorite obsession
I've been making a man
With blonde hair and a tan
And he's good for relieving my tension

I'm going with my Frankie all the way :D And Robb would be stunning in his black corset covering his brace. Any you'd have more eye candy to look at :D

My brace looked very similar to the one I saw hanging and if my brain had been working I'd definitely have had a black lacy, beaded corset to cover it up :D
I did have a bunch of the gang who were doing the show visit and sing, but it was pretty painful to laugh and try to sing along...warning issued :S

Feel better Robb <3


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