Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Trigger Finger


As if I needed yet another excuse to see a doctor... today I went to see and orthopedist where I learned that my clicking thumb is called a "trigger finger." I got a cortisone shot and a one-page handout explaining how much it's going to hurt and for how long and how normal that is.

Frankly, an aching thumb's got nothin' on a broken back.

(camissonia: This is Robb giving Sean Connery a run for his money -- he played 007 on stage about 15 years ago.)


Anonymous said...

Is that Robb in the picture? If, so, wow! I presume since this agent is on stage it would have to be Robb. I will have to add that to my log book, that I had a real secret agent sign it.


Lyn said...

Good luck with the cortisone (and everything else).

I remember that show. It was hilarious, and Robb was very dapper as 007.


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