Monday, October 25, 2010

The Ride


One of the greatest things about the Revolution ride is being in Wine Country in autumn.

The grapes that remain on the vine late in the season are amazingly fragrant. The smell is somewhere between overripe fruit and wine. The harvest is mostly over and you can feel the pace of life on the vineyards is at a momentary lull.

Team Torange, new friends on the trail

The best thing about this year's ride was finding ourselves moving at about the same pace as a bunch of other riders. In previous years, we were by ourselves through most of the ride, left in the dust by the folks would go on to finish in a couple of hours and passing by others who were much slower than us.

This year we kept a slow and measured pace which meant we got to make new friends along the way.

Sam Craven of Sam's Team, is a Paralympic Medalist. His family is
a great source of inspiration and
support along the trail every year

The other nice change this year was the weather. Without the rain or excessive heat of previous years, it wasn't a struggle just to get through it. We actually took the time to stop and enjoy.

The valuable lesson we learned this year: The ride isn't about the finish line; it's all about the journey.


Christine said...

You guys are just so cute. Congrats, congrats, congrats!

Anonymous said...

hey, I see you are going gray- ME TOO! Gary's into it, (which is nice) but ever so often I can't stand to see them and rip a bunch of them out. Robb looks blissed out when he gazes at you, which he should! I have got to put my $10 in the mail- my sister Bernie also put some towards you guys, she had a terrible back injury when she fell off a ladder at her own local theater in Wyoming years ago as well. Years of therapy helped her quite a bit.

I have a question... When you guys put in a bee hive in your back yard, did you buy one or did Robb make one? Can you recommend a good place to get a kit at? Is there one type of wood that is best to use over any other? Are there different bee hive's for different parts of the USA?
I was thinking of putting the bee hive by our grape vines, by the way, did you see any of those when you did your ride thru the vineyards?

Thanks, Annalisa

robb said...

Brushy Mountain is a good source. It's where we bought our first kit and they're in your neck of the woods now.

The wood of choice is cypress. Some suppliers carry thicker wood hive bodies for colder climates but some people say it's not necessary.

You can definitely build your own based on the boxes you buy in a kit or just build it all from scratch.

Let us know if you want some plans.

Blissfully yours...

Anonymous said...

You guys are AWESOME! I LOVE your blog page too! And, OMG, Jerry and I are on your front page... That is so cool! You guys are inspiring people, and I hope we can get together in the near future... Becky =)


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