Thursday, October 28, 2010

Broken Back Update


Despite what some people have joked, dosing oneself up on narcotics isn't a fun holiday. Robb has been trying to manage his pain, and has pretty much decided to stop using any of the narcotic painkillers. There are just too many unpleasant side effects: creepy, circular thoughts, dullness of mind, and an all-out assault on his digestive system.

We've got a doctor's appointment this morning, which will be the first time that Robb has left the house since he got home from the Emergency Room. He's taken a few short walks out into the back yard, but that's about it. He can manage laying down, and standing, but neither works well for long periods of time. Sitting is currently too painful to manage.

Several people have asked us if we need anything, which is very sweet. At the moment, we're okay. We might be up for short visits, if you want to stop by. (Contact us before dropping by, please!)

I had been feeling horribly nauseous for the past two days, no doubt due to stress. I'm feeling better, which is good. Robb needs me to do more than look green, and fret.

Thanks, everyone for your kind wishes. It has been a very strange week.


Steve, Christa, Emily, Meghan, Charles & Elizabeth said...

Lisa, have you ever considered massage for yourself, it could do wonders for your stress levels and general health.

Anonymous said...

Strange? STRANGE week? Understatement of the year!!! Keeping you in my prayers!


Anonymous said...

Hope You and Rob are both feeling better. Praying for Rob's pain.

Anonymous said...

Keep your head held high.. I'm not one who can begin to understand what you guys are going though, but you're in our thoughts!

Becky and Jerry

Christine said...

I don't know how you guys do it. Here's to quick recovery and happy digestive systems and life that doesn't require narcotics!


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