Tuesday, February 23, 2010



A hover-fly on one of our lemons. Click on the photograph to enlarge.

Baby peas in the garden. Spring will be here, soon.

It's 9:30pm, and I've got to head out the door to work. We've got a late-night paint emergency to attend to.


Anonymous said...

This picture of the peas is even worse than your "Garden Porn" post. I can't even see the ground and won't for awhile.

Larva lady-ZZ
Zelienople PA

Anonymous said...

I know you are just trying to piss me off.. we are getting 6 inches of snow, and inch of ice and 30-50 mile an hour winds for a full week to come.

I'm going to go outside and wave goodbye at what is left of the barn before it blows itself across the county somewhere. That sound you hear now is me grinding my teeth. We did hire a local Pennsylvania Dutch guy (who is taking over his dad's barn repair business) to fix the roof, but no one can work till mid-March. I hope we have a barn left by then to fix.

Some days you just have to use a lot of curse words to get through it. I suspect that is what's coming. I should start making a list of them.

We did indeed lose some fabulous barns in the last windstorm last month- our neighbors, in the town over, had a 200 year old barn covered with fabulous and rare carved hexes in chestnut wood. The roof caved in and one complete supporting wall crashed down and out. It's a total loss, and we also lost some fabulous authentic hexes that used to grace our fair valley, as well- lost forever to time and the elements. I wonder if the owner will let me salvage what is left of the carvings?

Enjoy your warm weather as we bravely battle the elements out here.



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