Saturday, January 23, 2010

Waking up can be such a Drag


Now, for no reason, a transcript of one of my dreams. I've been keeping a dream journal over on Facebook, but this one had too many character so I'm going to share it with blog readers, instead.

Dreamt I was the historical Casanova, and in addition, I could time-travel and fly.

At one point, I was climbing (as Lisa) down a steep wooded ravine with Robb, helping him find the safest path. We were being passed by Northern Californians who were on their way to pick up their horses, and change into the ethnic clothes of Eurasian herders.

Later, I was captured by someone passing themselves off as the new database manager at Berkeley Repertory Theatre, but who was, in fact, a super-evil Bond-villain, set on a course of world domination (as ever). I escaped temporarily, but then made some kind of deal that everyone would be saved if I could party-crash my own outdoor funeral cross-dressed as a beautiful 18th century noblewoman. Somewhere in all that, my (Casanova's) lovely pre-teen 21 century daughter showed up, and she also had to disguise herself in 18th century clothes.

Let me say that I made a pretty fabulous spy, Venetian nobleman, and cross-dresser. I should look this good in real life!

(Alas, I woke up in the middle of the extended putting-on-the-ladies' clothes segment of the dream. I dunno if I did succeed in the Drag that Saved the World or not.)


ajt said...

Last night I dreamt that I was having some kind of illicit affair with johnny depp (in a kind of capt jack sparrow incarnation, only not quite so very very), except that he was a circus performer.

Anonymous said...

Dudes, lay off the booze before night time, ok?

I actually have been having weird dreams as well. I dreamt I was at the beach trying to relax and instead kept finding trash hidden just under the water line. So in my dream I end up collecting and hauling off lots of trash to a recycling bin. Not a very restful dream, but productive, I guess.

Shades of my last trip to visit Lisa and Robb!



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