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Hey blog readers! I need your help.

Could you go out in the next few days and tear down some show posters, and mail them to me?

We're covering the gigantic walls of our upcoming show with this sort of thing, and we would like as many real posters as possible.

Also desirable, are graphic stickers, and other cool images on paper that are bold enough to "read" from twenty feet away. Random weird stuff on paper is good, too.

Artists, take your images and blow them up on the photocopier, and then mail them to me!

The same goes for you, letterboxers.

Please mail to

Berkeley Repertory Scenic Studios
Lisa Lazar, Scenic Artist
2526 Wood Street
Oakland CA 94607

(We will be gluing everything to the walls, so please don't send me anything that you want back.)


DPQ said…
Hey Lisa. I am putting the word out there to musicians and other artist-types in Atlanta, where I live, and Boston, where I used to live. I hope many of them will be able to send you some interesting graphics.

The Dread Pirate Queen, from AQ
Anonymous said…
Hello from Atlanta, GA. from whence I send to you and envelope with 7 posters and cards in it from

The Academy Theatre.

I don't need them back and hope the help. Best,

Robert Drake,
Artistic Director
mamakin said…
I'll do my best & see what I canfind for you. It's a great idea!
Good luck!. What's your deadline? I only ask since some people are on va-ca & would't be able to help til after they come back.
Anonymous said…
Oohh, I collect those! Wish I were in a real city, then I would go tear some down and send them to you.
mamakin said…
I just posted all over fb & on my blog. My dtr is a theatre kid, raised with kids still in theatre or in college for theatre so I'm hoping to be having a few sent out your way if they can get it together. I'll send them if they drop them here & posted so they can send them directly to you if they find anything. Lots of luck with this one-it sounds great
Anonymous said…
I've actually got some old ones FRAMED (can you believe it)... stuff Gary did in NYC years - ok, decades- ago.

Some really good ones where he did some music stuf with Red Grooms for a show- I'll photo them, and print them out on my printer and mail 'em off to you. Also some good ones featuring Ronald Reagen as an evil overlord from the 80's- Hope he doesnt scare anyone off your stage!

Lisa said…
Y'all are AWE -- SOME !!!
Troop 2440 said…
Looks like a really interesting set. I'll see what I run across.


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