Sunday, June 21, 2009

Vote Counting


So far, the average price for a single family home in San Francisco (as suggested by blog readers) is eight hundred fifty thousand dollars.

And, oddly, the median is about the same number.

Voters in California guessed on the high end of the scale, and those in the Rust Belt guessed very low, indeed.

I'm going to keep voting going through the weekend, and report the actual numbers on Monday, which is coincidentally the day that we're submitting a bid on a lovely little cottage in Oakland.

We figure that the only way we could afford to live in San Francisco is if we moored a kayak to a rocky shore and started building house-boat out of toothpicks.


Kay/The Little Foxes said...

Well, of course I'm sitting on the edge of my seat for the official answer (sorry I didn't vote - I'm a farm girl and know more about acreage... ;-)) - but I have to say - the toothpick architect was brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hey, today is the summer solstice! Get out and look at some nature, instead of dwelling on only house stuff! I would at this point suggest trying to buy just a vacant lot of land, and build your own straw bale house- which by the way- we saw one this past spring, and LOVED IT!

You get the best of both worlds- a place to live and a way to stay in touch with nature!


Anonymous said...

Ever thought of looking over the hill in Orinda or Lafayette? Probably about the same price for homes but not a single 'bad' neighborhood there. And when the economy rebounds, the prices will probably go up faster.

~~Doublesaj & Old Blue~~

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Actually, we can't afford any of the "over the hill" portion of Contra Costa County. It's amazingly expensive.

Gina said...
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John and Diane said...

There's a great folk art place near Albuquerque called Tinkertown. It was all done by one man, Ross Ward - he built little dioramas of all kinds of things - an old western town, a big top circus. There are a couple of buildings full of his little carvings. And his quote that stayed with me was, "I did all this while you were watching TV." The toothpick man seems to have the same sentiment about time, great piece.
I'm guessing $750K for the average home price.


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