Friday, June 26, 2009

Tidepooling, Anyone?


Does anyone want to get up early and go tidepooling on Saturday? There's a nice low tide, and we're going to head down to either Fitzgerald Marine Reserve or Pillar Point (these are really the same stretch of coast, just different parking lots.)

The low tide is at 8:48am, and after that the tide starts coming in. If you're thinking of joining us, wear waterproof boots with grippy treads.

I went tidepooling in Tuesday, because I was so nervous about our bid on the house, and needed to distract myself. For some reason, Robb opted not to leave the house with me at 6am. I'm on vacation this week, and so I'm getting up even earlier than I have to when I go to work. Go figure. He missed out on seeing a wild octopus. (My first!)

My vacation has been pretty un-exciting. I've been hauling unwanted possessions to the Goodwill, and giving my dust allergies a good work-out. There's still a lot of official stuff to do before we can close on the house, and I'm trying to decide if I should start packing yet or not.

Reasons to start -- I have all sorts of packing issues, going back to the cockamamie joint-custody arrangement my parents devised when they divorced. If I start now, I can get ahead of my procrastinating tendencies. Robb isn't going to be able to help much, and I might as well use some of my free time to get this process started.

Reasons to delay -- I don't want to live in an apartment full of boxes. Out place is messy enough, without tearing everything off the shelves.

I think, for now, I'll concentrate on sifting though our stuff, and getting rid of the excess.


Kristen said...

Neat critters!

Whenever we went tide-pooling on the Chesapeake we were treated to puddles of barnacle-coated garbage, feisty juvenile blue crabs, and sludge. After about ten minutes it loses its appeal. I'd love to go tide-pooling with you...but alas, even if I left now I doubt I'd get there in time. I'll have to just grin and bear my region's pathetic lack of biodiversity.

Anonymous said...

Hey there- In all of our moves (more than I can keep track of) I used to do a lot of packing... so I learned to pack things very tightly, and use clothes as wrapping material- don't go out and buy bubble wrap and stuff like that, unless you have a lot of very delicate things. I have a package I should have mailed out to you awhile ago- but now I suspect I should hold onto it until you have a new address? No pressure!


Anonymous said...

Oooooh, that sounds like fun! Where and when? Or, I guess "8:48 at the tidepools" is probably enough for Katie and I to find you (assuming I can get her out of bed early enough).

Anonymous said...

I hit the beach around low tide
Exploring tidepools' rocky banks
And the treasures that they hide
Anemones and nudibranchs,
Cockles, crabs, and wisps of kelp
Starfish, urchins, tiny fish.
Nature's wonders always help
To lift my spirits; and I wish
That all of you could share with me
These peaceful mornings at the shore,
To worship Nature's mystery,
And her glories to explore.


MommaWriter said...

I'm *so* impressed with your octopus sighting! Part of me is thinking that I wish I'd seen your tidepool invitation...and part of me is laughing that I think I could possibly get over there that early in the morning! Looks like you had an awesome time!

Packing...ugh. I'm aiming to never move again now that we're in a house and neighborhood we like!

WyndRyders #1

mamakin said...

I love that octopus! No tide pooling out here, I wouldn't even know where to look, but I'd love to go one day. I think I'll Google it, who knows, there may be something out this way & I just don't know about it.
I vote for enjoying your time off. Packing always seems to get done on time no matter when you start, so enjoy your vacation.

ecoteacher said...

I have been taking my class to Fitzgerald Marine Reserve for 6 years or so. Our group varies from 8 - 15 people total. We have always been respectful of the wild life and educated others doing damage to the precious ecosystem. We pick up trash and marine debris - leaving the place better than we found it. We teach Leave No Trace principles. Last December, while my students were letting off a little energy before we went out, a ranger came out and kicked us out! He would not listen to our side about all the studying we had done and how respectful all our kids would act, and he got quite rude with us - even threatening. Make sure if you have a group, that you approach in small groups or make a reservation. We actually ended up at Pillar Point and saw more amazing creatures than we ever saw at Fitzgerald!! We have never seen an octopus - GREAT FIND!! We are jealous!


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