Thursday, May 14, 2009



I sold a box of our books two weeks ago. These were mostly Robb's books, scripts and theater books. I'm still feeling conflicted about letting these go. There's something so bittersweet about saying goodbye these books, because to my mind, parting with these books represents saying farewell Robb's career as an actor.

A year ago:
I try to overcome sorrow by snuggling up to lizards. And barn cats.

Two years ago:
I'm in Syracuse New York, hanging out with Lock Wench.

Three years ago:
We're over-ambitious. We go to Mount Diablo, with the idea that Robb will be able to walk on the trails. This doesn't work, but we still celebrate how much better he does walk. Plus, we see a coyote, which is always good.

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Anonymous said...

Hey- being completely paralyzed didnt stop Christopher Reeve. It just slowed him down an awful lot.



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